Interventional Radiology


Imagine Surgery - without Surgerytm

Patient-Focused Care

Board Certified Specialists and Skilled Staff

Advanced Imaging Equipment

Education and Research Leaders

Indiana Radiology Partners (IRP) provides the entire spectrum of interventional radiology services to the hospitals and patients they serve. To treat a variety of diseases and conditions, our interventional radiologists perform thousands of diagnostic and interventional procedures each year.

In addition, our practice provides clinical consults and evaluations of patients with a wide variety of vascular and non-vascular problems. Patients are followed in our clinic, coordinated by our dedicated physician assistants and nurse practitioner. IRP interventional radiologists discuss clinical problems with the patient's physician and assist in designing the optimal plan of care for patients.

Our many years of clinical and research experience allow us to provide patients with the most advanced minimally invasive procedures available. We are devoted to the care of each patient, and look forward to continuing to work with healthcare providers and patients to achieve the best outcome.

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