The fundamental missions of the Imaging Science Division are threefold:

  1. To develop imaging techniques to non-invasively characterize human physiology and its disruption in disease
  2. To provide infrastructure support to implement and maintain state-of-the-art technology employed in the practice of Radiology
  3. To dissemination knowledge to students, faculty, scientific community, and the public



The rapid advance of new medical technology will provide novel methodologies for the detection and treatment of human disease. These advances will begin to displace and/or minimize the need for conventional anatomically based imaging procedures. As these new therapeutic strategies evolve, there will be increased emphasis on early detection of disease and rapid evaluation of the efficacy of therapy. The radiology department of the future will therefore be engaged in the application of quantitative non-invasive imaging studies of physiology and biochemistry to provide this vital information. As the clinical utilization of these technologies evolve, a shortage of trained scientists with expertise in physiological based medical imaging techniques will be experienced.


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